On the River

What Buddy and I saw on our walk today:

We walked to the river, ate a bite or two of tuna fish, sipped some water - in Buddy's case, lapped and slobbered - and read my Madeleine L'Engle book (well, I did. Buddy's into James Patterson). Then we walked home. Weeeell... I did have to carry Buddy for a little while. He's not in the awesome shape that I'm in. I have to wonder what people think when they see me loping down the street carrying a panting ball of white fur and bug eyes.

There's ways and there's ways to walk a dog.


Brenda Christmas said...

Which L'engle book are you reading?

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Right now I'm reading "The Arm of the Starfish." (Adam Eddington character, intertwined with the O'Keefes) We got a whole slew of her "Young Adult" paperbacks at the thrift store and I decided to get them because I enjoy her writing style so much and hadn't read many of these in a very long time. I LOVED "Meet the Austins" but the rest of that series went a little downhill for me, maybe because of all the teen angst, but more because after reading the first one, which was all about an interesting family and their interactions, it moved on to suspense and a little fantasy in the others and it didn't seem to fit! Yet each one has something that affects me anyway, so it's been fun.

Paul and Vicki Young said...

We used to have a stroller for Princess. Maybe Buddy would like one? We'd get funny looks too, but it was part of the fun. Anyone who can sit on a tube in the acousticly-perfect middle of a lake and belt out, "I feel pretty, and witty and gay" doesn't mind a little thing like someone staring at their dog in a pram.