Picture This

Well, I'm officially over the hill and I had a great time celebrating it!

Sunday afternoon I was whisked out of town by Mike and Flutterbug to Falls Church, and Monday morning we hopped onto the Metro, where I tried my best to avoid hurling my cookies onto the very pointy Italian shoes of the young man in front of me.

A couple of Dramamines later, we walked all over Washington. A couple of ibuprofen after that, we toured the National Archives and the Museum of Natural History. Had lots of pictures to post, but my laptop has the death rattle and refuses to cooperate.

This evening Flutterbug made me an awesome cake with fondant...wish I could show you.

Perhaps I need to bite the bullet and buy another computer. Ugh. Buying a computer is Number 3 on the list of Things I Try to Avoid Shopping For at All Costs (Number 1 being vehicles, and Number 2 being any-other-type-of-electronics-that-exists).

In the meantime, use your imagination as you read. Picture very pointy shoes. Like six inches beyond his toes. Picture Mike trying to stick the little ticket thingy in the slot about FIFTY times to get out of the subway station, with me holding my hand over my mouth and rolling my eyes.

Picture us walking toward the Washington Monument. Picture me being distracted by the countless portajohns on the green. Picture me taking pictures of the portajohns.

Picture us solemnly reading the engravings of the War Memorial. Picture me doing my best to control my irritation at the many teenagers who swarmed the site and behaved like...well...teenagers.

Picture us climbing the 87 steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Yes, of course I counted.

Picture us under our umbrellas in the misty rain as we slowly traipse alongside the Vietnam Memorial wall, gazing at the many, many names of those who lost their lives.

And now, right now, picture us heading upstairs to our lovely own beds and conking out. I cannot stay awake to think of any more pictures for you to picture. Sooo...'nighty 'night.

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Brenda Christmas said...

Why are there portajohns out there??? I hope that's not the normal thing. I don't remember them from when I was there, but I think that was 20 years ago. Times do change ...

We NEED pictures! Bite the bullet!

Glad your birthday was fun!