Green Peas and Ocean Breeze

Strawberry picking was a big disappointment. "Poor John's" stood up to its name - the berries where either rotting or small or underripe. BUT the upside is that they had peas for sale and fresh raw peas are right up there with Junior Mints. You snap open the pod, run your finger along it, pop the peas into your palm, and then, ahhhh - pure bliss in your mouth!

But we did manage to get a few good berries. Enjoyed them over ice cream tonight (with a drizzle of chocolate syrup...shhhh).

I ended up with just one hour to get the thrift store displays up, so there was a whole lot of racing around (barefooted - I had blisters from the annoying shoes that I wore strawberry-picking) and tossing old merchandise into a heap and running up and down the aisles looking for more stuff to fill in the gaps. My kind of fun!

All this stuff makes me want to live in a cottage by the sea, with shabby white furniture and crisp cotton linens and scallops and corn-on-the-cob under the broiler and a little three-man, two-dog sailboat bobbing beside the dock.

Oh, and a Wawa just down the road, and maybe a Walmart a few blocks away, and WiFi access, and a Dress Barn nearby would be nice...


Brenda (BBC) said...

We tried to go berry-picking a week ago, and our favorite farm had been abandoned! :-( I had to buy some at a roadside produce store (bigger than a stand).

My mom would be right there with you eating raw veggies from the garden, but not me. Fruits are great raw, but I prefer my peas, beans, and corn cooked!

You display your sale items much better than Goodwill does.

tuftsmel said...

Your recent blogs and photos are great, as usual!!!
Allow me three picayune comments:
1. I totally agree with you on the green peas thing. It's a wonder any of them get to the pot when I'm shelling! But if I used a finger instead of my thumb to slide them out of the pod, I'm afraid I'd have them all over the floor!
2. Why would you mess up the marvelous strawberry flavor with chocolate? Two incompatible flavors in my view. It reminds me of the practice of some to serve lemon sauce over ginger bread. Both great flavors, but again uncomplimentary. Give me old fashioned home made whipped cream instead. Now that's a dessert fit for kings!!!!
3. And if you lived in a cottage by the sea, how long do you think your cotton linens would remain "crisp"?
I remember how swim suits and towels hung in the kitchen on Cape Cod would not dry overnight because of the damp sea air!
Well, keep the blogs a-coming, and don't be discouraged because of my tongue-in-cheek wisecracks. Seems to me your artistic displays in the Thrift Store should make anybody desire to shop!

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Brenda, we believe in whoopin' our competition! What we lack in size we try to make up in other ways to keep the edge!

I'm tempting to try the berry-picking again, somewhere else; but the other places are a lot farther away, so...I dunno...

Dad, no wonder I lost so many peas onto my lap, my favorite sundae is hot fudge over sherbet, and I don't know if I can live without a clothes dryer. AND that nautical display was wiped out by 12:30 the next day; I really wish we could do more of those kinds of displays a lot more frequently - they do work!