Rise and Don't Shine Too Much

Does eating yogurt with a butter knife while driving to work this morning count as multi-tasking? (I really need to do dishes.)

Spent a lot of the day getting merchandise ready for a couple of displays.


Independence Day:

That strange-looking thing in the upper left corner is interesting. It appears to be cast iron, with roosters around the outside and a small bowl-like center with what appears to be a melted candle in it. I love the shabbiness. Now that I think about it, I should up a price a little. It's those strange things that get the most interest!

I hope to rise bright and early tomorrow to get the displays up before the store opens at 9. I speak facetiously - Mike has been getting up at 6am every morning this week, rummaging around for clothes, traipsing in and out of the bedroom, jiggling the bed while putting on his socks and shoes, and today, the piece de resistance: he walked out of the house at 6:30 without his keys and locked himself out.

I have a feeling it's part of a sinister plot to keep me cranky. Evidently when I'm not cranky, I'm just too bright and perky to handle. It's like looking into the sun.

Right, honey?


Brenda (BBC) said...

LOL - is he subtly trying to tell you to go jogging with him??

I thought that rooster cast iron thing was some kid's clay art project that nobody but a mother could love...

drgnfly1010 said...

you and me both

Sarah Beth :) said...

Rob and him must be in the same club! He leaves at 6:30 too and every morning needs something; where are the keys, where is my wallet, and best of all Sarah I am running late and can't find my pants!