It's a bird, it's a plane, it's, uh...

I did some major multi-tasking today.

Buddy's been relegated to our bedroom at night, so Boo can be in Flutterbug's room. Buddy's okay until around 3am, when he starts roaming in and out, scratching, licking, jiggling the bed...

I've been a little cranky. I like my sleep.

I go to the library about once a year lately. I feel like I've matured over the years, and become all responsible and stuff, but it never fails: I forget about the books until they're way overdue. So, good thing I had only two books checked out this time. The fewer the books, the slower the fines rack up, you know. (And I know you know.)

I've gotten really slack about exercising for about a week. And I'm eating like a stevedore.

Wednesdays are my pickup day for the farm co-op. I bring back the flattened plastic-y box when I pick up the next.

So I got this bright idea.

If I planned it right, I could take care of the un-tired dog, the overdue library books, the exercising AND the co-op pickup all at the same time. Yes, I am Melanie the Magnificent Multi-tasking Girl.

Popped a leash on the dog, slipped the library books into a backpack, stuck the co-op box under my arm and headed off toward town.

Three minutes into the walk, Buddy stopped to poop. No problem. I tied the poopy-bag onto the leash and kept walking. Arm started chafing from the box. No problem. I switched arms (38 times).

I plunked the library books into the drop box and Buddy and I took a water break on a park bench. Then we headed up the street to Angry Adam's Wine and Cheese Spot (not a likely place for me to enter, generally) and through the window I saw a group of people in the middle of the tiny place, in the middle of a wine and cheese tasting. I held up the box, and held up the dog, and the manager waved me in (phew). I hoisted Buddy onto my shoulder and waltzed past the wine and cheese-tasting group. Stuck the full box under my other arm, turned back into the crowd and nearly toppled Buddy right onto the table full of, yes, wine and cheese. Several gasps and chuckles later, we made it to the door and headed home with slightly red faces and lots of salad greens, eggs, radishes and onions.

What shall Melanie the Magnificent Multi-tasking Girl do tomorrow? Stay tuned.


Kelly Welch said...

Ok, wait a minute! The writer in me just loved the whole idea of multi-tasking and I was with you right up to the point when you almost dropped Buddy onto the table.....but what about the pooh bag? Please tell me you dropped your box of veggies onto the table and realized the pooh bag that was tied to the leash was missing. After thinking back you decide to send someone else to drop off the empty box and pick up the veggies next time. Just saying.....

Sarah Beth :) said...