Needle in a Haystack

On Friday last week, Victory Home had a donation pickup at a computer repair business.

Today we got a call that our guys had accidentally grabbed a Fedex package containing some kind of specialty business phones and a computer chip thingy - total worth: $1,000.


We had sold the phones at the thrift store for, well, very little.

The chip thingy was, as far as we knew, left to be sold in the outlet, where people rifle through boxes to buy stuff in bulk.


Every day, at the end of the day, all the contents of the outlet are placed in a tractor-trailer to be sold by weight. And this chip thingy would have been on the tables on Saturday.

Soooo, when I got to the warehouse today, every available guy was digging through the trailer, which was nearly half full. They didn't find the needle in the haystack.

There was a lot of praying going on!

Mike went to the business owner with a check and the owner refused it, saying it was partly his fault for leaving the box nearby, and asking instead for the use of the handymen for a couple of small projects. What a relief!

And then, just an hour or two later, our pricer came across a little flat, clear plastic package on the pricing table he'd been clearing off. He held it up and I let out a SHRIEK.

Yay! God heard our prayers - it was the missing piece (worth nearly $800 itself). I have confidence that the customer who purchased the phones will return them (they won't work on their own) and we'll be able to return those to the owner, too. We're praising God around here!


Modemom said...

Love hearing about His wonderful way of showing His love! And a great testimony to your ministry when Mike offered the check!

linnetter said...

Great to see that glimpse of God at work when we think something is impossible! Thanks for sharing that story!

Brenda (BBC) said...

Well, did the phones get returned? I need the end of the story!

I'm so happy that I got to see the store for myself, and all the well-organized displays you have arranged. It looks great!