Knot Funny

In retrospect, it was not a wise idea.

But at the time, I thought it'd be easy to walk both dogs by myself. So Buddy and Boo and I set out down the road, trotting now and then and reveling in the fine weather. We had no problems all the way to the park, other than having my hands full with two fat leash handles and three bags of very warm poop (Boo's excrement requires two, count 'em, two bags). There were a couple of unleashed dogs on the far side of the park, so we kept our distance. Unfortunately, those dogs didn't keep theirs and next-thing-you-know, they were running straight for us.

At first, Boo and one of the dogs bounded around each other playfully. But that didn't last, and soon there was a lot of growling and lunging, and as the owner sauntered over, a tangled web of leashes and arms and legs rendered me completely useless in stopping it. The owner of the the other dogs unleashed (hehe) a maelstrom of foul language at her dogs, threatening obedience school (yeah, I can see how screaming that you're going to send your *&%#@! dog to obedience school would snap him to attention).

After her tirade against her dogs was over, she stalked off without a single word to me, leaving me standing there wrapped up like a cocoon. The three of us hobbled our way toward the park exit, Buddy trying to climb up my leg and Boo continuing to throw his 60-lb. weight around, as much as he could with 90% of his leash around my legs and arms.

We straggled home and I thought: all we need now is a cat in this story.

(Cue the cat.)

Boo lunged at her; I panicked and grabbed the leash line (it was one of those retractable type, with a skinny line) and it zipped right through my fingers, giving me a whopper of a rope burn - I think I lost of couple of fingerprints. The cat is just fine.

So, from now on, the ratio is one human per dog. MINIMUM.


Sarah Beth :) said...

I feel a little burnt out and tired right now. I was just having a small pitty party for myself (in my head of course). THIS blog of yours just made my day. THANK YOU for sharing, I needed to have a litte laugh! I can not believe the owner of the unleashed dog never said anything to you.

Brenda (BBC) said...

Thank you for saving the cat! hehehe

I wish that woman would have acknowledged your existence so you could have introduced yourself as a pastor's wife. Just imagine the look on her face! XD