Wet Dogs and Sandy Toes

Every now and then God surprises us with a special little blessing. He brought today's through a former Victory Home client, John (a little bit of trivia: the name John is the most common name of VH clients - currently we have four Johns plus a newly hired truck driver named John) and his sister, who own a rental home in the Outer Banks.

They offered the use of the home any Monday that isn't rented, so we hopped into our swimsuits and hopped into the car.

All five of us, that is.

Kitty Hawk is about an hour and a half from home (or is the house in Nags Head...not sure).

Pretty fine little place, eh? Named "Gigi's Toes in the Sand."

Two dogs, two totally different attitudes toward the beach. Buddy spent the entire morning sitting on one or another of us and whining like a loose fan belt.

Boo, on the other hand, is a natural born beach bum. He frolicked, he built sandcastles, he dug a really deep hole.

I had a minute or two of bliss (between the whiny squeals) rereading At Home in Mitford. Jan Karon's new book is coming out in October, so I'm using it as an excuse to go through the whole series again.

We also enjoyed lunch on the porch and quiet afternoon naps (mine was in the car on the way home - someone had to hang out with the dogs on the porch since we wouldn't let them in the house).

It was a well-needed break - all three of us had a whopper of a week. Mike drove one of the donation trucks on Saturday; Flutterbug worked extra hours; I worked nearly 50 hours at the warehouse alone, and it was HOT, MAN. Saturday's temps were up to the 100's. I lost 2.5 pounds.

I like those numbers!

And we feel all refreshed and ready to do it again this week. God is just so good to us!


Modemom said...

How wonderful for you all! A blessing indeed. The photos are "picture perfect." Hope your day ends with a great night's sleep after all the sun and sand and relaxation!

tuftsmel said...

"...whining like a loose fan belt"!!! I like that description of your wuss of a dog at the beach!!! Talk about a turn of phrase, that's a good one -- right up there with "saucy flourescent forsythia"! And yes, what a big hole Boo dug. Did he ever find what he was digging for?

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Boo came out of the hole with a chopstick between his teeth. 'Nuff said.

Brenda (BBC) said...

Buddy is such a wienie - gotta love him! hehehe

Sarah Beth :) said...

love the pic of boo half in the hole!