I Wish It Would Rain Potato Chips

It's been a messy kind of week. Flash floods on Wednesday made getting home a real adventure -Flutterbug and I had to zig zag our way all over town to find a clear route. Look at that crazy bus forging recklessly through a flooded intersection:

That evening I browned some ground beef; I took it off the burner for a few minutes and when I put it back on, it exploded and rained hamburger all over the kitchen! Boo and Buddy thought they'd died and gone to heaven.

Speaking of those two wacky fellows, I'm still attempting to walk them together. The other day I walked home from the Y and walked them back to pick up the car. It's about a mile one way - an easy walk without the dogs, but on the trek back, between Boo straining ahead and Buddy insisting on stopping and sniffing every single odor along the way, I spent most of the time stretched like a heretic on a rack.

I've been walking a lot lately in my attempt to shed some of this extra weight. I managed to walk from the Y to church - about four miles - and went straight to the warehouse to work. I didn't consider how sweaty I'd be so I had to dig around for a shirt to change into. All I could find was a t-shirt with "Groovy Grandma" printed on it. Now I cannot dispute the groovy part, but let me be clear: a grandma I'm NOT.

Flutterbug and I got home the other night and - gasp - Boo had eaten the TV remote control. We located the nearest cable store and hopped in the car. It was a 40-minute trip so I entertained Flutterbug (who was driving) by playing with her Blackberry and reading her emails and Facebook statuses Victor Borge style.

We laughed so hard that when we walked into the cable store, I had mascara smeared all over my face and she had a bad case of hiccups, and they handed us a new remote without charge as if they were a bit afraid of us.

To which I say: groovy!


Brenda Christmas said...

Raining hamburger! LOL! Yes, I'd rather be showered with potato chips than have to pick burger bits out of my hair.

You gave the #1 reason that cats make better pets - they may eat your shoestrings, but they will never eat the TV remote! ;-)

Sarah Beth :) said...

As we are in the 'rainy season' here I would cry tears of joy for the rain to be potato chips. A bag of lays cost $7. While I might not be losing weight, I'm not packing on the pounds because I'm not buying chips! I can just picture the dogs willing every pan to rain hamburger from now on!