a-One and a-Two and a-Three

Three items of limited significance to report on tonight:

1) Saw some terrific fireworks at the river Saturday evening; it was a nice stress-relieving break from the recent crazy work schedule:

2) Boo's tongue is longer than mine (which is saying a lot):

and 3) my Knight in Shining Armor cleaned the entire kitchen this morning, after sending his girls shopping.

Life is good.


tuftsmel said...

Ugh!!! That's gotta be the grossest tongue I've ever seen!!! And I suppose it drips drool all over the place, as well slobbers freely on people! No wonder I'm partial to CATS! What a terrific photo you took -- save it for use at Halloween!!!

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Oh, ya get used to the wetness mighty quick when they're so loving - (well, I speak for myself, of course!), but it can be a bit of a shower when he's panting really hard, haha!