Alice, Rosie, Florence...Benson....Anyone, Anyone??

I really wanted a couple of farm-fresh eggs for breakfast.

But oh, the obstacles to overcome!

There were six - SIX - dirty frying pans sitting on the stove. (Fortunately, I discovered that I own seven.)

Found a serving fork to use as a spatula.

Several dirty plates were stacked on the toaster. Luckily, I found a bit of space on top of the microwave.

Ate my applesauce with a measuring spoon. I'm blessed (and cursed) with a scarily long and dextrous tongue, so it's all good.

BUT...sooner or later I must bite the bullet and tackle the kitchen. And the dining room. And the living room. And the bedrooms.

Tomorrow's our day off. Who knows, maybe we'll get the itch to clean up this pigsty.

It's that or go shopping, see a movie, eat out, hit the beach.

I wonder if you can fry eggs in a bundt cake pan?

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Sarah Beth :) said...

It's so nice to know thats sometimes I'm not the only one to see how many dirty dishes I can make! LOL Although I don't have my house hold goods yet so the game is... what can I make tonight with one pot and one pan??