I Heart Mondays

Yorktown is just a 30-minute drive from home, and Williamsburg a little farther; they're both nice escape destinations for us on our day off, so we headed there on Monday, with a quick stop at Wawa for a snack on the way.

I feel the history more in the quietness and peace of Yorktown than in Williamsburg with its quaint homes and period-costumed actors. The ground quivers with the pounding steps of colonial soldiers. I can almost see Indian canoes gliding along the river. Pocahontas may have stood on the very ground beneath me! (Yes, my history gets all squished together in my mind...it's kind of like Facebook - chatting with a childhood neighbor AND my next-door-neighbor at the same time.)

Boo had issues with the really big kitties pulling carriages.

I went into ONE shop...er...shoppe, in Williamsburg: Williams-Sonoma. And this is why:

I walked into the Victory Home warehouse bathroom the other week to wash my hands - and let me tell ya, it's not the purtiest-looking/smelling place - and without a thought I pumped a little liquid soap into my hand.

Evidently some nose-handicapped donor had given us a half-bottle of Williams-Sonoma Spiced Chestnut with Cinnamon and Clove Essential Oils Hand Soap.

Suddenly, I was transported into post-White-Witch-Narnia...the North Pole...Winter Wonderland...a Currier and Ives scene....

So I felt totally justified in paying $12.95 for 16 ounces of hand soap. Of course, I'll be hoarding the bottle until the holidays, so don't bother to drop in and ask to use the bathroom before then.


In my defense, I was strong enough to resist shelling out $18.00 for a teeny bottle of room spray.

Is it worth $12.95 to wash your hands in Christmas? I'll answer that with a holly jolly YES.


modemom said...

Save the empty bottle for me so I can at least, maybe, get a couple sniffs. It sounds wonderful!

Brenda (BBC) said...

Oh come ON! It would be worth the drive to your house to wash my hands in Christmas, for goodness sake! lol

I like to go to Bath and Bodyworks and get all their Christmasy room sprays when they are on sale. But wow, $18 at Williams-Sonoma is a whole lotta steep!