Enough About the Trip Already

Let's knock out the rest of this vacation stuff, shall we? I have other things to blog about!

Here's Flutterbug and her dad at Fenway Park.

We spent a day touring Boston, which we rarely visited during the 18 years we lived nearby. Interesting city. Who knew?
We swam in a lake. YAY. I don't touch the lakes here in Virginia with a 10-foot pole for one reason: water moccasins. 'Nuff said.

We enjoyed a terrific production of Peter Pan at Prescott Park. Five dollar donation, sitting under the stars on lawn chairs, river lapping nearby, the incomparable scent of fried dough wafting on the air - can't beat it.

We also fit in Mike's high school reunion (should have taken pics, in retrospect), great services at my dad's church, visits with old friends, jogs in the neighborhood, lots and lots of eating (especially seafood and giant ice cream cones), sitting around the supper table with my dad, shopping in Wolfeboro, driving around lake Winnipesaukee, and a few dozen other things.

Then, smart cookie that I am, I asked my slightly perfectionist dad to pack the trunk. We had a few thousand grocery bags of detritus to add to our luggage for the trip back. I knew that if anyone could fit everything into that car, it'd be my daddy. He loves a good puzzle, and has no qualms about removing everything and starting over, if that's what it takes, whether loading a trunk or a dishwasher. Yessiree.

And I'm happy to report that he succeeded beautifully and I still had room for eight whoopie pies we picked up on the way out of town for my sis (at Calef's Country Store, of course) and a dozen Dunkin Donuts (which fit handily on my lap).

We managed to keep our mitts off those whoopie pies for a realllly long time and when we finally gave in we only snagged one each from the freezer. Brought the other five to SC with us a couple of weeks ago, and it just dawned on me that I never told my sister about them. They may be still sitting in my mom's fridge. Unless...Mom...is that cream on your lip?...

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