Fall In!

Sure signs of autumn in the Ellis home:

Caramel Apple soap in the lavatory (three weeks until I break out the awesome stuff)...

...fire in the woodstove and the sofas gathered 'round...

...and Buddy is sporting his winter coat (the summer duds are long gone).

Time for me to pull out my winter coat, too. It's gettin' CHILLY here in the sunny south.

Not that I'm complaining.

Don't knock the weather.
If it didn't change once in a while,
nine out of ten people couldn't
start a conversation.
(Kin Hubbard)


LeisaWorks said...

Love how warm and inviting your fire looks. Makes me want to curl up in that nice chair with a good book.

tuftsmel said...

It's nine p.m., and have just finished meeting with a couple about a bank-owned property for an offer submission tomorrow. It is only 68 degrees in the office (I should have turned up the heat) and the back of my hands are chilled! Tried holding them up to your cozy looking woodstove, but somehow it didn't do any good! Guess I'll just have to go home and stoke up the fireplace!!
Loved the quote about the weather and conversatiion. How TRUE!!!

Brenda (BBC) said...

Is there an autumn wreath on your front door too? I can almost smell the caramel apple soap. Soap shouldn't smell that good! ;-)

I'm freezing. I think when I lost all the weight, I lost my insulation from the cold. Normally, I embrace the chill! Now I just want a roaring fire and a warm blanky and a steaming hot cocoa!