...And I'm Reading GARFIELD in the Downstairs Bathroom

Caught a bug this weekend. One minute I felt perfectly fine; the next I was a-runnin' to the loo.

One benefit from spending all that time in the bathroom: I finally began to grasp Mendelian genetics. Yup. Nothing like a little light reading to pass the time when one is...uh...indisposed.

And I do mean light reading, as in The Cartoon Guide to Genetics.

It's right up my alley. And it caused me to ponder profound questions such as: which of my parents is able to curl his (or her) tongue?

For, according to my in-depth cartoon research, one of them must have that ability because I have that ability. (I'd take a picture, but I'd hate to embarrass my girl). Who would've guessed that tongue-curling was a dominant genetic trait? Good thing I'm reading this book. And if anyone questions my genetics knowledge, I'll just call them a recessive heterozygous phenotype. And I'll know exactly what that means, mwahahaha.

So have I mentioned that Flutterbug has flown the coop? Victory Home opened a home for women a few weeks ago and she became the overnight supervisor. I dealt with the initial empty-nest stress like any red-blooded mom would - marched to the store and picked up three boxes of sugar cereal and a gallon of whole milk. I slurped two big bowls of Honey Smacks and chased them down with a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles, and voila, life didn't seem so dark and dreary anymore.

We spruced up one of the guys' homes (I won't bore you with those gory details) and two women moved in the first day.

We now have four women (plus Flutterbug and Boo), and things are flying along very well. I supervise the women in the mornings as we overhaul our newest store. On the weekend evenings, Flutterbug often cooks special meals or dessert and they watch movies and play games. Another staff member who takes Flutterbug's place on Sunday and Monday nights often comes over for the fellowship. Don't you just want to check in?


tuftsmel said...

Wha-da-ya-mean, curl the tongue? Do you mean like a maple tree sap spigot?
Can't everybody do that???

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

HA! I knew it!!

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

(I knew the gene had to come from YOU)...so...can't really picture one of your folks doing this...but at least one of them could!!

Modemom said...

Thanks for the pics of the women's home. I like being able to visualize things like that. Very nice!

Brenda Christmas said...

Sorry you've been under the weather. The new home for women looks cool, and your dd is awesome!

Michelle said...

Sorry you were sick! I can curl my tongue, too...does that mean we're related? How sad to have your baby fly the coop but how exciting to open a new Victory Home! Oh, and ice cream is my cure-all.