Quilty as Charged

My crafty mom's been at it again! She cut up this old quilt and made some lovely ornaments - only two left, so if you'd like one, hop to it! (Banner Celebrations)

This one's my favorite and still available:

AND check out her vintage sewing pattern shop, while you're at it: Cutting Back.

Tried my hand at cranberry-orange sauce last month. I thought it came out great; Mike did not enjoy the tartness. The second time I made it I doubled the sugar. Still mildly tart but much better!

Well, back to my online Scrabble games - one against my mamma, and one against Flutterbug (who shows no mercy and cleans the floor with me nearly every game). I would never do that to my mother....


Modemom said...

Wow! Thanks for the free advertising!

You'd better not let me win at Scrabble on purpose! By the way, is Flutterbug still cheating? :) jk

Laura said...

Hello Melanie,
I just stumbled across your blog...and couldn't believe that we live so close to each other. The ornament your mom made is so darling! I am a crafter and thrifter at heart as well!

Have a blessed day,

morningstar said...

Oh those are adorable!!!!! I know I am late at getting over here...but I am glad I did. Awesome links too!