A Little O' This and That

My cool cabinet was delivered today (yay). I asked them, "Is it very heavy?"

"Nah, it's light as a feather."

"Awesome," I said, with my sweetest smile. "Then would you mind running it upstairs [that is, the 18 steps, with a bend]?"

They were oh-so-obliging. It sits in the middle of the hall, though, for now; I hope I remember that on my nightly teeter-and-stumble to the bathroom.

A couple of the thrift store guys picked up KFC for everyone for lunch. How sweet!

I had a wonderful visit with a childhood friend who was vacationing nearby. I don't think I stopped talking for a whole hour. I always imagine that after a visit like this, the people say, "Wow, can that girl talk. I thought she'd never shut up!" But I will try to imagine instead that she had as good a time as I did. I'm thinking we might be kindred spirits. We need more time to yack and find out!

Been splashing a lot of paint around in Mike's office. Tupperware has had a hand in my project. I feel a little like a kid; having fun squirting paint and mixing colors.

The scary project has begun.

Don't you love the contrast of that lovely towel? Gotta love the 70's.

More soon...my bed calls. Mike's been leaving at 5:30am to run to church (takes him a little over an hour). He is a madman. I've been getting up right after him, and though he goes to bed around 9pm now, I can't seem to fall asleep that early yet, and I have discovered the joys of Blackberry Sudoku. Mike snores while I stare at the blue glow of the phone and contemplate number placement.



Timber said...

Ugh...having so much trouble with formatting - spacing the paragraphs, to be exact. Finally started the post over, and managed to overcome the crazy gaps. But I did lose the 1 comment, so here it is, pasted in here (thanks, MORNINGSTAR):

Lovely start to the mural! Cannot wait to see the finished product.Wonderful use of old tupperware...I am stealing that idea for my dd.
Do share a photo of that lovely piece of furniture when it finds its final resting spot in your house.
I will be coming by the store this weekend. Looking for 70s style stretch fabric. You usually have some! The girls new sewing kick is vintage 70s.

Brenda said...

How fun to paint a mural!

And yum for KFC!