Hibernation Was Nice, But...

Well, HELLO! Has it really been three months?? This is what's snowing now:

All the lovely blooming, sneeze-inducing blossoms! It seems like just yesterday that we were dragging the Christmas tree (what was left of it) out the door.

We've gone through three toilets in as many months. Did you know you can pour water into the bowl and it will automatically flush? I suppose you did. Well, it was news to ME. And it got old pretty quickly.

Finally got everything fixed and then a squatter moved in...squatter...I crack myself up... I didn't have the heart to flush him, so I started using the downstairs bathroom. Mike wasn't quite so sympathetic, and the squatter has been relocated to an underground home.

In February we opened the the best thrift store ever.

We're still getting all kinds of fascinating donations.

Snagged this the other day for a great price at The Barn (our outlet). I have no idea where to put it. But isn't it lovely?

I picked this up, too, because I was inspired by the mirror below it. It's just plastic, but I'm hoping to find a nice retro aqua paint and see how close I can come to that cool mirror below (which I saw on etsy.com).

Buddy has found yet another way to be pampered. He's been under the weather...six hundred dollars and a mis-diagnosis of trapped gas later, that's right, trapped gas, turns out he has a spine problem and I have to carry him around, particularly up stairs, and perhaps for the rest of his life! He goes outside to do his business, then he whines at the steps, and like a dutiful mommy I step outside to scoop him up. Just as I reach down he runs off. I end up chasing him all over the yard, usually in something elegant like a robe and Mike's dress shoes. It's a good thing he's so cute.

Boo, on watch at the window for nefarious cats, looks all innocent here.

But imagine my chagrine when I came upon this, just an hour after bringing Buddy home from the vet with a month's worth of anti-inflammatory pills. Chewables...that was a mistake. Leaving them on the kitchen counter was evidently another one.

So back to the vet I went, with another dog and another gigantic wad of money. He's pretty well recovered now, and back in the swing of things at the ladies' home, including Saturday night Bible study.
Here are a couple of ladies who are too cool for their shoes, Flutterbug and Grandma. Her grandma is hip. We hardly blinked when we were watching a home slide show of family pictures and she said, "Who dat?" Actually, that's an outright lie; we laughed our heads off. She's a groovy grandma for sure.
The older I get, the more non-fiction I enjoy. I find myself compelled to fill my brain with fascinating things like what I learned in this book: (regarding size) a virus is to a human as a human is to the earth. Wow. No wonder they're so sneaky.
I'm reading this sequel to "A Year in Provence" which I devoured last year (a girl can dream, can't she?):
Who could resist a book that starts with a sentence like this?
Been feeling all artsy-craftsy again. There won't be any meals served on the kitchen table for a while.
Mike wants a wall-sized mural in his new office. Here I am starting something I have no idea how to do:
More on this project later. I have a backup plan. Let's just say I'm glad my sister just married a mural artist.
In the meantime, I also have a mess in the spare bedroom. More on this later.
Time to kick the brown thumb into gear. I soaked some seeds overnight and then planted them in these groovy pots: tarragon, dill, catnip, cilantro (the other herbs go in the big pots outside on the fence).

So there you have it. This is all but a few dozen highlights of the new year. I'd keep going, but I hear Buddy crying my name in the backyard. Time to wrap up in an afghan, and maybe throw on a bike helmet and chase him around the yard. Perhaps you'll see me on AFV one day, if my neighbors are savvy.


modemom said...

Lucky me! I saw your heads-up on facebook about your quarterly blog posting and ran right over. Thanks for getting my internal laugh meter going again.

Smart move, leaving us in limbo inre your crafting and other artistry. I'll be back back again two or three times a day waiting for the post scripts! ((((hugs))))

Brenda (BBC) said...

There's never a dull moment with you!

Poor Buddy. Is there any chance a chiropractor could help his spine? Mine treats the occasional dog. One family had a dog that got hit by a car and was dragging its back legs. The vet wanted to put it to sleep, but they brought it to Dr. Bourg, and now the dog is as good as new!

Linnette said...

So good to have you back. No pressure, but I love to check in on your "never dull" life!

morningstar said...

What a lovely catch up post! Poor Buddy! ( and poor wallet!) Glad he made a nice recovery...he is a pretty special dog.
Love your finds! And wanna see that mirror when it is done! What a great idea.
I did most of my spring cleaning and deposited 3 car loads at Victory. ( the small car, not the truck) A whole shopping cart of books! ( as promised!)It is indeed the best thrift store in the world! We love it. I found 4 lovely LLBean tops for my trip this summer among other things.

Timber said...

Mum, the post scripts will (hopefully!!) come...

Bren, funny you mentioned a chiropractor - I made a facetious remark about the possibility, but never imagined there was such a thing!

Linny, thanks for hanging in there and checking back!

Morning, thanks for the books and the stuff!

Michelle said...

I'm glad you're blogging again! The thrift store looks beautiful! All thrift stores need someone artsy to put things together in an appealing way like you do. The ones around here look and smell like dumps!
Poor Buddy!
Can't wait to see the finished products of all your new projects. Almost every time I read your blog I wish we were neighbors so we could do those things together!