Knobby Treasure

A Hobby Lobby store is right up there with the public library
and World Market for stimulating my particular, my intestinal ones.
("Excuse me, please; would you point me toward the bathroom?")

It's a good thing we don't have these stores in southeast Virginia.
Talk about sensory overload! I find myself in the knob aisle,
and my brain starts whirling: where in my home can I use some of these
lovely treasures??
White with black Eiffel Towers, pink with orange polka dots,
sparkly blue and purple spheres.... 

I can't imagine why my dining room would need knobs,
since there's not a single drawer or cabinet to be seen,
but that didn't stop me from picking out four beauties anyway.
Aren't they splendid? And 50% off, too!

I've been looking for perfect-for-dining-room-windows fabric with little success.
I looked at a gazillion samples online, and wandered the fabric store aisles,
but nothing had the right color combination.
Only one swatch on a website showed potential,
but it was expensive and I couldn't be sure of the accuracy of the colors.
And then I walked into Hobby Lobby.
There it was! There it was!
The very fabric I had considered...and 30% off
Made my day.

Flutterbug enjoyed shopping at Hobby Lobby just as much as I.
Those are knobs in her hand, too - she's going to make herself a scarf rack.
We're on vacation right now, but when we return I shall analyze every room
and piece of furniture for knobability.

I also hope to finally repaint the dining room, which is a kind of faded 
bricky-pottery color, slightly browner and darker, and get some stitch-witchery
and slap some window treatments together.
And do something amazingly creative with those scrumptious knobs.

And then I shall walk in,
and promptly need to head to the bathroom,
and know that the room is just right!

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