Natural Treasure

The mighty banyan tree:

This tree grows just a few blocks from my in-laws' home in south Florida.
Doesn't it look so very Lord-of-the-Ringsy?

Here are a few fun facts:

Thomas Edison planted the first banyan in the U.S., in Fort Myers, just north of my in-laws.

The fictional Robinson Crusoe made his home in one.

It's the national tree of India.

I would like to build a tree house in one and live like that family in Swiss Family Robinson. I would stock the tree with scallops, asparagus and Ovaltine. My bed would be a hammock and my cell phone would be accidentally stepped on and ruined.

After about three days, I would have second thoughts and head to my city rowhouse, and climb into my hoodie-footie, and prop my feet on the leather ottoman (a Victory Home Thrift Store deal, of course), and watch the TV screen flip from channel to channel (it's that or wrench the remote from Mike).

When are holodecks going to become available to the general public?


Modemom said...

Shame on me for not checking every day once I knew this was coming! Totally inspired, great photos, and full of treasure! I decided to connect with the internet this morning via your blog icon on my desk top and “Lo in the hole,” there you are. It’s the only thing I could use to get Dad away from the crazy jigsaw puzzle we started last night. Keep ‘em coming. Love and prayers...xo

morningstar said...

I want one! What cool trees. And yes very Lord of the Ringy!

Timber said...

Mom, I WAS wondering if you guys had seen any of these posts, haha! Take a pic of the puzzle sometime.

Tina! I see you so rarely lately, and haven't checked your blog in forever, so I shall right now...