Lemony Treasure

Thought for a minute that we were going to arrive home from a trip to Florida without a speck of citrus, but my Auntie came through with these beauties - plump, knobbly, scrumptious lemons!

Since I'm sitting here on the sofa with my jeans unbuttoned (and still uncomfortable), I have definitely decided to squeeze the lemons and freeze the juice. NO lemon squares...NO lemonade...NO lemon meringue pie. NO. NO. NO. Not for at least a week month.

Things I Ate While On Vacation: my mother's homemade snack mix (take one bite and you'll take fifty), whoopie pie (made by my sis, who understands the necessity of a whooopie pie at least once a year), chocolate, pizza, burgers, chocolate, sweet potato fries, homemade cookies, chocolate, pistachios, meatballs, subs, chocolate, Froot Loops, ice cream, and chocolate.

And now I have a second chin, pants that are too tight, and a Tums habit. Ah, but I also have a new bike. Lime green! with a bell! and a kick stand! (Twice I nearly sheared off someone's ankle when my old bike fell over at the farmers' market.) It was a Christmas gift from my wonnnnnderful husband and daughter, and I shall ride it tomorrow.

Let's see...how many miles must I ride to work off, say, one whoopie pie? Er...one bite of whoopie pie? (Baby steps, my dear, baby steps.)


morningstar said...

Oh YUM. Just reading your list of holiday delights made my jeans tight (er ). The Lemons are funny looking...is that a variety? Lemon water is good for weight loss and detox.

Timber said...

They are funny, aren't they; but I've never seen the kind of lemons you get in a grocery store on a tree! I don't know how those commercial growers get them to look so uniform. As far as I know, they're just regular lemons. And yeah, lemon water's a good idea, thank you!