Two-Tiered Blingy Treasure

I must've waltzed past this funky little treasure twenty times at the thrift store before I finally purchased it. It kept catching my eye, but it wasn't until I came across an item at JC Penney that I would have liked to buy, except that it was FORTY BUCKS, that I decided I must have this instead.
And then I promptly brought it home and did this:

Lookie there, it's a jewelry keeper!
And wayyyyy more cool than some ole' department store one.
And you sure can't beat $2 over $40.

By the way, note the cute cuff bracelet wrapped around the stem 
made by my creative mom.

I think there's a word for's coming to, cursed menopausal symptoms...aha! Re-PURPOSING.

Have you repurposed anything lately? Please share!


morningstar said...

Its perfect! Love it!.

Timber said...

I bet you and your girls have 'repurposed' a lot of things - y'all are wunderfley creative!

Brenda Christmas said...

That's great! I know I have re-purposed some things and been proud of it too ... but that menopausey thing of which you spoke, it affects me too! Hmmm, I got a beautiful tree skirt for $5, originally $50, and it's black velvet with gold embellishments. I'm thinking of using it as a winter table skirt topper with a lamp covering the hole in the middle. But that's not the re-purposement I'm trying to recall...

Paul and Vicki Young said...

Wendy and I re-purposed some Christmas tree skirts that Mrs. Philbrick gave us and we wore them ourselves. Maybe I'll stick the pictures on my blog. They were pretty skirts, either on the tree or on the bod.