Terra Firma Is the Place for Me

Behold the view that I despise:

Ewwww...I didn't realize just how dirty that airplane seat was.

Beautiful views, but aaaaaaaccccccchhhhhh...we're a kazillion miles
up in the sky in a big metal box!!
(I get a little anxious.)
(Mike would take exception to the word 'little.')

Flutterbug, however, enjoys flying.   Freak.

Against all odds, though, we made it Florida in one piece.

I found this plant stand at the funeral home...disturbing.

Mike and his dad.

Mike and Flutterbug.

Mike's dad and brother.

The wrong box was at our funeral; those weren't my mother-in-law's ashes...**awkward chuckle**

After the funeral, we climbed onto a pontoon boat.
Look at all the nesting pelicans!

Mike's brother set the box adrift and then we dropped the flowers in.

Dottie would have loved it! She was a peculiar treasure indeed
...and we will miss her...


Modemom said...

Thank you so much for including the pictures. It's nice to be able to visualize the events of the difficult trip and visit. Love and prayers.

Paul and Vicki Young said...

It just hurts me to see your father in law's face. How in the world does someone handle losing someone who has been in their lives for so long? And without faith that he'll see her again. Ouch.

morningstar said...

I share your plane phobias. They are very dirty...always people sick on them. And yes a little tin box....
However met some awesome people and love the views. Gods creation is amazing.
Beautiul ceremomy.

Timber said...

The good news is, Dad-in-law went to church on Sunday! (it's been a couple of years - he stopped when his wife stopped) It was a real shock to find that out. We're gonna pray him into the kingdom!