A day can turn on a dime.

One morning we're lolling about, getting ready for a typical day,
and the next moment, Mike learns that he has become motherless.

And just ten hours later, we find ourselves
sitting in his father's living room again,
just a handful of days after our last visit to southwest Florida.
The weather is absolutely gorgeous; mild and breezy.
Inside, stunned and silent, we sit, six of us,
commenting now and then on the Patriots, the election,
the weather.

Death may be inevitable, it may even be expected, but it is no less a shock.
We know her pain is gone, we know she is with Jesus, but we still mourn.

And we play cards with Dad,
and we distract him with chatter,
and we pray and we eat and we doze.

One big hurdle left...the funeral is tomorrow at 11am,
and Mike's dad is dreading the emotion of it,
and the discomfort that is particularly strong when one is an introvert.

Mike has the benefit of his heavenly Father's
and we pray that his family will experience the same,
and be drawn to the Savior,
and embrace Him,
as Dottie Ellis did many years ago in her heart
and Monday face to face! 


tuftsmel said...

Excellent blog, and we are praying for you all, especially for tomorrow's emotionally draining events. Your wonderful last paragraph says it all so beautifully.
Love, Dad

LeisaWorks said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. My prayers will be with your family tomorrow.

Brenda (BBC) said...

My condolences to your family and Mike's. I did not behave particularly well when my father died. It was a devastating loss.

Unknown said...

Mike, Melanie and Bethany,I went on your blog this morning and saw the sad news about Mike's Mom. It is alway so hard to lose someone so close, and so suddenly. We are thinking and praying for everyone. I'm glad you were able to see her last month. Much love, Uncle Bob and Aunt Laurie

Paul and Vicki Young said...

There's a treasure laid up in heaven for you, your Mom in law.
Please give our condolences to him. I'm totally wondering how he ever came from an introverted father?! No adoption rumors, I suppose?
I like your new bike too!