Furry Treasure

I've always been partial to odd numbers...like 79,
and I've always been partial to my dad.

Put the two together and you have . . . well, let's see . . one partial plus one partial . . . that must equal...yes!...one whole chunk of love;-)

My dad may think it's unfortunate that the only picture I can put my hands on is of him modeling a vintage fur, but I like it.

Quirkiness is a Tufts family trait.
(As is tardiness
large proboscises...er...proboscii...er...
Oh, and total disdain of sad, melodramatic movies.)

Genes clearly carry more than just physical traits, and I'm proud to have inherited some of those quirky and wonderful Tufts genes.

And I've passed some on to my daughter (no Old Yeller or Bambi for her!)
and not others (she has a simply adorable button nose),
and one day she'll pass some on to her child, and in my mind's eye I can see that child all grown up and modeling a vintage fur (from way back in 2012, I imagine).

Happy birthday, Dear Daddy-O (and thanks for the genes..and the memories!)


tuftsmel said...

WOW!!! Totally fetching!!! What can I say?!...except, what a wonderful daughter you are!

Brenda Christmas said...

How is dad when it comes to payback? hehehe