Busy, Busy, Dreadfully Busy

I've been busy, I tell you, busy!

"I'm busy, busy, frightfully busy;
More than a bumblebee, more than an ant.
Busy, busy, horribly busy;
I'd love to {blog} but I can't!"

For a week or two, I misplaced my dining table.

Taxes...bills...projects...books to be read (very important)...

I've been busy at the store, though I am backing off a good bit now.

It's in good hands with Carise (left at register), who graduated a year or more ago, worked for Victory Home for a while, left to manage a McDonald's, realized it was not so fun to try to get work out of sullen, lazy teenagers, and jumped at the opportunity to try to get work out of sullen, lazy adults (just kidding, our guys are wunnerful).

And I've been busy making posters of our daily specials to be waved around near traffic. All freehand, all slightly less than perfect; 'cause I'm a winger. That's right, a winger. I wing things! I get it from some renegade great-grandparent or another. It's not exactly a family trait, eh, family?

That's why I buy lots of extra poster board, hehe.

Ooh, and I've been planting! Every late summer I say, "no planting next year." No veggies, no flowers, no spending willy-nilly, and therefore, no wilty plants, no creepy insects, no bird-beaked tomatoes, no mosquitos all over the legs and up the skirt and in the nose. Then a warm day in February hits, and my resolve goes right out the window, replaced with delighted hand-rubbing, gleeful planning...spending...potting...blowing-peat-moss-out-my-nose fun! (Seriously. Have you ever worked with peat moss and then blown your nose? The boogies come out a beautiful burnt-sienna hue.)

I found time to hang more lights in the kitchen. We picked these up in NH last summer to hang along the porch where we stayed. They're wonderfully glowy and give my insides a wiggle of joy when I see them.


I've been working on a spring project, too...more on that later.

I've snuck in some song-writing time, which is near the top of the list of enjoyable things to waste time on.

The house has had its stinky moments lately, so there's been a lot of candle-lighting.
 I totally blame the dogs.

And there you have it. These are just a few things that make the days whiz by. And I hope you now understand why I just can't blog right now.

He he.


morningstar said...

I love it...lost the table for a while! Its true though. Happens to all of us.
The store looks great. Been there a lot as of late. Looking for wardrobe items ( because I am not as thin as last spring.....)
We fell in love with the beautiful trunk and hubby had to leave because he would have bought it. We do not have room for it!
Love your spring projects. The lights are adorable.

Timber said...

Thanks:) The tissue paper project is for the store windows, so you'll see that soon (those are the scraps in the pic). Yes, that trunk was lovely; our eyes do seem to light upon the same things in the store, and with similar style homes, our decor choices often seem to line up, too!

tuftsmel said...

WOW!!! Another winner!! One of these days, when you find your dining table again, you're just goin' to hafta use that table top to lay out your past blogs for editing and PUBLISHING!!!!!!