Poacher on the Loose

I've mentioned my attempts to eat a healthy, high-fiber breakfast of oatmeal...with, you know, lots of doctoring of said oatmeal.

But sometimes I just need a break. Here's a fun break: 

That's a 50-calorie strawberry yogurt (or raspberry, not sure...pink, anyway), topped with raspberries and a sprinkling of granola from my handy-dandy row of jars.

It's yummy indeed, but my FAVE is poached eggs.

I've always loved soft-boiled eggs on toast, but they're fickle. Sometimes they come out just right, with the whites all cooked and the yokes wonderfully runny, but more often than not, they end up overdone. And that's always a big disappointment.

But poached eggs can be poked at and looked upon with the naked eye, with no shell in the way, and removed at just the right time.

They're easy enough to make:
- boil some water, with a splurt of vinegar added (it's supposed to help keep the whites from wandering off)
- crack a couple of eggs and gently slide them into the water
- reduce the temp to a simmer, with little bubbles just on the edges
- after a couple of minutes, lift an egg with a slotted spoon and poke at it
- the yoke should still feel mushy, and the whites cooked through
- slip them onto a paper towel on a plate to absorb the water
- butter some toast or an English muffin (earlier while you're waiting)
- plop them on the toast and twist a bit of salt and pepper over them
- savor your masterpiece while enjoying a good book

And then make yourself have oatmeal the next morning to clear out the cholesterol.



Modemom said...

Good thing I just had my cinnamon-raisin toast with fresh strawberries on the side, or I'd be out in the kitchen poaching a couple eggs. Those look wonderful!

Timber said...

Thanks, they ARE yummy, aren't they! But then so is cinnamon-raisin toast...mmmmm.