We Are What We Eat?

Looks like this little guy's gonna be pooping rhinestones tomorrow.

Thaaaaat's right.

Buddy got hold of a bracelet that I mislaid when sorting and pricing jewelry for the thrift store.
I'm not too worried - he's been known to pass a multitude of oddities, including a big, fat silver dolphin charm.

And Boo...

...well, I remember when we first got Boo, I gave him an individually-wrapped slice of American cheese, thinking it would keep him busy for a while, trying to get it open.

It was gone in a single swallow and I combed the yard the next day or two, watching for the wrapper (mission accomplished).

It's not just dogs, of course...

I suppose I was about this age when I swallowed a screw. Doctor told my folks, "Give it a day or two, and you know where to look for it." And sure enough...

...mission accomplished!


tuftsmel said...

Yeah -- I remember it well!!!

Modemom said...

Yeah, there we were, first-time parents of a 10-month-old, thinking we were keeping you safe from all such calamities by keeping you caged in a playpen (antique, almost-extinct piece of furniture, no longer in use lest your freedom is stifled at a young age). What could happen to you there? Well, one of your "playthings" was a small, leather-bound transitor radio (another now-extinct object). Leave it to little-miss dexterity to unscrew the dial and start chewing the screw holding it together! When I heard the clinking against your precious baby teeth I "wisely" stuck my finger in your mouth to retrieve whatever it was, making you throw your head back, thus the swallowing instinct kicked in and down it went! A quick trip to the ER and the rest is history. Love the memories!