Where On Earth Did I Leave My Phone?

Spring has arrived, and as usual I'm feeling a bit Feverish.
What a lovely month March was, here in southeastern Virginia.


Bleeding-heart-lovely! (...er...that sounds a little creepy...)


Parsley-lovely! Thaaaat's right...say it with me...parsley is LOVELY.
(And not gharsley)




Did YOU see my phone??


tuftsmel said...

I just love your garden photos! You do so MUCH with planters of all descriptions on the neighbor's fence!!
And the variety of baskets for herbs -- wonderful! Could you slip up and build me a fence, too?
You speak of squirrels. This year I smartened up and instead of waiting for fruits and other crops to ripen, I put out the Hav-A-Hart trap early -- and it has paid off, catching 7 grey squirrels and one red squirrel so far. A side bonus -- no more "thundering hoofs" scurrying around on the roof at 6 in the morning waking me up!

Timber said...

Ha! Glad you're a step ahead of them for the time being.

Sooo...did you see my phone? It's there, but you've got to look carefully. I had to call myself and run outside to find it!

Linnette said...

I love your gardening, too! So "you" to use baskets and make it all cute and handy.

Hope you have a very blessed Easter!

Modemom said...

Ditto what tuftsmel said about your fence/container garden) with the exception of building me a fence.) However, bring your hammer next time, you might have to participate in building me something else. Sorry, no hints.

Can’t find your phone, but you know how dark my monitor is. Hint: always wear clothes with pockets.

Have a wonderful Resurrection Day!

Timber said...

It's in the first picture...

Has a red border...

Will try to bring hammer...

...in pocket...

Brenda (BBC) said...

LOL! So THAT's what that is! I just naturally assumed that red and black rectangular shape was part of the pot! ;-D