Life's a Blur

TOTAL blur. Mile-a-minute blur. 

But that's okay - focus is overrated.
We've been moving into our new "home" and doing our best to get settled.
My, it's big!

That's my piano in the lower half of this pic below, obscuring the first few pews. This was Sunday evening before the service. 

And here are the first three to be baptized in our new digs:

We had a terrific time fellowshipping and eating after yesterday morning's service
(these people can cook). 
Victory Home will be moving over very soon (the offices, classes and kitchen - they'll still reside at their current homes). The (male) residents are already eating there - there's a commercial kitchen and the few appliances with problems have been repaired.
We've used name tags for two weeks now, and we're getting to know each other. 
Hearing testimonies, singing together, sharing prayer needs, enjoying challenging messages
 - gotta love seeing God at work!


Brenda Christmas said...

Very nice! Exciting move, for sure. Odd color combination for the carpet and pews, though. It looks like dark red carpet and olive green padded pews!

Timber said...

Tell me about it! It was one of the first things my husband and daughter mentioned when they returned from a tour, and I couldn't wait to see it, lol - but, you know, I'm getting used to it! Hardly notice it now; and walking in from the back it's not noticeable, because the pews don't really show.

morningstar said...

Exciting stuff! Thanks for sharing.