There's so much to see in our little city. 
I love walking and riding bikes here for that very reason.

Saturday, Flutterbug and I went on our usual date 
to the farmers' market downtown, 
and picked up some asparagus and strawberries 
(they'll be out of season before we know it - **sad face**).

There was an art fair going on so we wandered through that, too 
(so many booths frown on picture-taking that I was a good girl 
and just looked with my eyes).

That afternoon, I rode Mike's bike back downtown to the bike shop 
for some adjustments.
My bike is at church - I rode it to work the other day after getting ready and stepping outside only to remember that I had no car at home. 
Later that day I pedaled from the thrift store to the church for a rehearsal 
(a hairy ride which I shall not likely attempt in the future). 
Riding that thing home again was outa-the-question!

Where was I?

Oh, yes, there's so much to see in our little city.

After dropping Mike's bike off, I walked all over Old Towne, just for fun. 
Take a look at some of the neat things I saw:

Do you see the girl duck looking coyly at the boy duck? So cute.

There are some hazards in an old city for a girl with the nickname Timmmber.

Whatever this horrid shrub is, I DESPISE its odor in the spring. 
And it's everywhere.

The cat part of me really wanted to peek inside this little door.

I settled for peeking in the windows 
(it's perfectly all right to peek in the windows of historic downtown homes. 
How else are we to find out what color to paint our dining room, 
or how to treat really high windows, or what they're having for supper???).

Know what this is?

Ha! Neat, eh?
 I half expected it to speak. (in a Lord-of-the-Ringsy sort of way)

Another place beckoning me...

On the way back home...

Heading back to my neighborhood 
(feet are now protesting and begging for the ottoman)...

...and just a short while after returning home (what was I thinking?) the bike shop called to say the bike was ready to be picked up and they were closing in a half hour for two days.

So, on went the sneakers, over the footie-protests, and I hoofed the mile back to town, and rode that speedy bike back home in time to cook hubby a bit of supper and pop my thankful feet back onto the ottoman.



Modemom said...

Ah, that's the kind of tour I like
--an armchair tour with an excellent tour guide! Great photos!

Linnette said...

Lovede the tour and your wonderful pictures!!!!

Linnette said...

Uhhh...loved. Got an extra e in there....

Brenda Christmas said...

Such a pretty area! And you are so funny, peeking in windows!

tuftsmel said...

Wonderful tour. I especially loved the front doors, front porches, and their decorations.

Danise Jurado said...

I LOVE the pictures of the porches! Just Lovely! :) Just stumbled onto your blog and stopped to say hi