Geography Lesson

On my walk the other day, I encountered a little kiddo trying to 
balance himself on the bottom-most branch of this tree. 

Turns out, it was his strategy for climbing the tree. 

"See," he explained, as he saw my interest, "I'm gonna climb this branch, 
and then go up the tree. Wanna see me climb it?"

"Sure," I said, and he proceeded to do that very thing.

Quite well, I might add.

"Ok, you can take a picture now," he announced.

And I did.

Ten minutes later, my new friend and I crossed paths again.

This time he was wobbling along on a little bike, and he hollered, 
"Hey, do you remember me?"

"I do; you're the Tree Climber."

And we chatted until we heard a call from a nearby house.

"Gotta go. That's my mom calling my name. Colin. C.O.L.I.N.," he spelled.

"That's a fine British name," I said.

"Noooo," he replied, "that's a fine SCOTTISH name."

And we said our goodbyes 
and parted ways 'til another day.


morningstar said...

I love your Walk About post!
I was at Victory today. Busy place! And oh so crowded with stuff. I took some of the stuff home with me. While I did not find what I was looking for I did find a few things I just could not live without. Next week we will migrate over to the new church and check out the yard sale.
I have put my blog on private. Please send me your email so I can put you on my blog list. FB message it.

Brenda Christmas said...

That boy sounds like a little character! I bet he gives his mom lots of heart attacks! lol

Timber said...

I hope to run into that little Scottish kid again! And if I do, perhaps there'll be another post, lol.