What I Learned This Summer

Well, well, well.

(Here's where Mike would say: Three holes in the ground.)

(And Flutterbug would say: Deep subject.)

It's been a while! How could summer be over?? And wasn't it just a beauty this year? My whininess tends to rise with the humidity, and this was only a semi-whiny summer. But, ah...busy, busy! I shall never be able to catch up with all the posts I'd hoped to...post, 
so I'll offer a summer summary instead.

What I Learned This Summer:

1) Never sit three rows from the front at a Bourne movie.

2) Steer clear of the colonial guy at the farmers' market. He has a roll-your-eyes-bad lispy British accent with 200-decibel volume. While steering clear of him, it can be enjoyable to try to push one's daughter into him. 

3) When doubling a recipe, don't add FOUR TIMES the amount of butter, or by the time you've made up for your error you'll have a giNORMOUS pile of dough to knead. 

On the upside, you'll have four lovely loaves of bread to share!

4) Don't be afraid of Niagara Falls; the odds of falling in are slimmer than one would think, in spite of nightmares to the contrary. And, yowza, the beauty!

5) Aviator glasses make you instantly cool. (well, Flutterbug, anyway)

6) Sofas. They're not just for living rooms anymore. (County fair in upstate New York)

7) When one reaches 50 years of age, one's stomach is not quite what it was
when one was 12.
(Says Mike, who stood in line with the 12-year olds to ride the rides
at said fair and nearly lost his burger.)

8) Locks are a bit freaky, but the Eerie Canal rocks. To banjo music, of course! (Lockport, NY)

9) A car makes a good towel dryer when one is at the lake. (Shapleigh, ME)

10) Friends are friends forever! More here and here (she's the other old lady and gypsy).

11) Nothing much beats floating in a lake with a good book. 

12) A close second is a game of croquet with loved ones . . . even those who may take great glee in knocking my ball far, far away.

13) I could spend the rest of my life in a log cabin, provided it is a log cabin like this, in which we spent a week in New Hampshire:

14) Fifty years of marriage doesn't diminish a sense of humor!
Happy Anniversary, Dad and Mum.

15) My dining table hardly ever gets to see the light of day.
(Jewelry processing for Victory Home Thrift)

16) Loss is painful, and makes heaven that much more dear and enticing.
(George was called Home in July)

17) I will never win a game of Dutch Blitz against Flutterbug (far right). I didn't even bother to try on this particular evening. But Billy and the Victory Home ladies enjoyed the challenge.

Here's Billy with his dad at the fireworks. A bunch of us walk together from our house every summer. (They're doing great, by the way - they've been out of Victory Home for several years now, and are faithfully serving in church, and helping Victory Home as needs arise.)

18) When one has the opportunity to stick one's toesies into a large body of water in this marvelous world, one should take it! 
(Lake Ontario, first Great Lake I've ever laid eyes (or toes) on)

Oh dear, there's so much more. 'Nuff for now, I guess. 
I need to save something for next year's post, haha. 

As Mike said today, "Fall has sprung," and I'm looking forward to a new season of joy and thanksgiving and good smells. Happy Autumn!


Modemom said...

I'm glad Facebook gives me a heads-up when you post on your blog. I gave up checking long ago. :)

And a great post it is! Even though I was familiar with or present for many of those summer events, it was great fun to "relive" them.

Paul and Vicki Young said...

On your report on summer vacation, you get an A+. Well done! I especially liked the fireworks picture, and the Camp Belle shots. It was nice to see you after all these years.
Your blog always inspires me to get going on mine again.

Brenda Covert said...

Oooh, lovely cabin! I'd want to live there too!

I don't know if I learned as much as you did from the summer. I spent a lot of it on my computer ... wah.