Did you wonder what my mother was threatening to bop my dad with in the last post?

It was a Shiny-Sparkly-Scepter-Bouquet-Thingy!

To elaborate a bit on that, it was a memento for their anniversary, made of pins and brooches and other serendipitous finds. With the help of a friend (or really, the reverse of that - I handed things to her like a surgical nurse) we put together a little bouquet with a satin ribbon-wrapped stem. 

I really enjoyed shopping for this. Really enJOYed it! Would love to do that again. Love shopping more and more in my advanced age. LOVE it. Want me to make you one??

I tried to include meaningful items - a heart, a sand dollar to represent their time here near the beach (though I'd dance a jig if I ever encountered a shell, much less a sand dollar on our beaches, haha), gold items, since it was their 50th anniversary....

Here are a few closeups:

I had hoped to find a bird, for my mother has always loved birdwatching, and has several bird feeders outside her window. I searched and searched (and, mind you, I'm not complaining about that) with no success. 

And my new Sunday School teacher knew about the search, and one day she handed me a beautiful gold pin of TWO hummingbirds (how romantic), studded with rhinestones!


Life's not perfect; sometimes it's a real roller coaster ride. And milestones like golden anniversaries are special, shiny gems to enjoy and appreciate and bring a little fun! 


Modemom said...

You got much better pictures of it than I. I'm going to try again with some different lighting. That was a fun night!

Brenda Christmas said...

That is such a cool idea for a gift, and wow did it turn out stunning!