Life's a Game

...with cute little cars and pink and blue people and colored blocks and a bright snappy spinner. 

Once when I was a child (and not a very young one), I kept hearing a rattle in the house. My overactive imagination began to consider the possibilities of a rattlesnake. I crept from room to room with a croquet mallet, ears tuned to the persistent rattle. My keen hearing brought me upstairs to the bedroom I shared with my sister. Opening the door, I found...

...a game of Life in progress!

(Have I ever mentioned that I grew up in New Hampshire? I'd have been more likely to encounter a unicorn than a rattler. What a goofball. 
Glad I grew out of that.) 

We enjoyed a Game Night at the church on Friday. Here are a couple of the Victory Home ladies getting ready for some friendly competition.

I opted for Parcheesi. I have fond memories of this game - at my friend's grandma's camp, we played Parcheesi after supper in the evenings to determine who would wash the dishes. Good times!

Here's John square dancing with himself as part of the game he was playing - Quelf. Don't play that game if you have any self-respect or dignity. Fair warning.

And just 'cause I don't want the fun and games to end...
tune in this weekend for a Game Giveaway!

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Brenda Covert said...

We had games, but not Parcheesi, and not Life. I remember Hi Ho Cherry-o, Candyland, Monopoly, checkers, Trouble or Sorry (I mix those two up), Rook (which I have no recollection of how to play), and my personal faves, Mystery Date and Barbie Queen of the Prom. :-) Ooooh, my grandma had Park & Shop, which I loved! And my Cousin Linda had Shenanigans, which Mom eventually got for us. I wish those were still on the market!