Come Out and Play

Are you ready for some FUN? 

It's time for Guess the Game! We'll start with an easy-peasy one:

And here's an oldie:

This was a flawed design - those little wedges were horrid about getting stuck if they were popped into the pie wrong, and some of us, well, we don't have well-developed motor skills, okay?:

Here's a toughie:

So...I despise this one, I suppose because one must think ahead and that's not exactly my forte:
 Now this, this was always a fave - I love a good mystery!

Ever hear of Chicken Foot? That's a version of this one (I know it's a toughie, but wrack your brain and you'll get it):
 We used to play this with Mike's folks - it's a fun one:
I couldn't find a pic of the classic car from when I was growing up, so this modern one'll have to do:

I do remember doing this!

SO, I won't make you list these games in a comment, but leave one anyway, about whatever you wish, and you will be entered into a drawing to win a game, which will be sent to you (along with the requisite bit of chocolate, because everything is better with chocolate).

The winner can pick between this (good for older kids & a matter of fact, the one time I played it, I think I pulled a muscle from laughing so hard):

Or this one (fun for all ages):

Oops, I nearly forgot about one of my favorite games (mainly because I hate waiting my turn and with this game everyone plays at the same time):

Hooray for Dutch Blitz!


Brenda Christmas said...

Did every Bojo play Dutch Blitz??? LOL

I can't remember the name of the trivia game (never owned it) and don't recognize the one with the yellow car or the one with the tiles with marble indentions in them (I recognized Scrabble, of course). I know all the others, and I hate chess too because it's too complicated to be fun! And because my 6th grade teacher PUT me in CHESS CLUB with a bunch of boys when the club I really wanted was full! (I really wanted any club but chess!!!)

Brenda Christmas said...

Just checked out the in the world can that many people play Dutch Blitz? I remember playing with 4 players. Are there really enough cards for ... well, the camera kept moving around and made it hard for me to count, but maybe 8 people?

Timber said...

Haha, yeah, it took me a long time to find that game anywhere else (and we do still often buy it at the BJU bookstore).

I'll fill you in on the other games after a while.

We marked the cards - using a second pack, we added colored stickers (we used neon green, hot pink, etc.) to each chunk (so that one person used the yellow bucket ones from the first pack and another used the yellow bucket ones with an orange sticker on them from the other, etc.)

It makes it even more fun to have that many people playing (it was 8), and is a favorite when we have game night - and it was a motley crew that night of young people, older, a former thug, haha, a normally quiet girl...and did you notice Mike was the only one sitting? It was easier for most to shove the chairs aside!

Foberswife said...

I never heard of Dutch Blitz but it looks like fun and reminds me of a game that my sister in law taught me. They call it Nutsy and you use playing cards (different type of deck for each player) It's fast paced and so much fun.

I recognized the other games you showed pictures of. My kids love monopoly and life and we love rumikub (at least that is what my box says if I remembered the correct spelling of it)

Thanks Brenda for sharing this was fun to read.

Brenda Christmas said...

TRIVIAL PURSUIT!!! I remembered at last!

(And no, I am not trying to get more chances to win by posting three times on this blog. Honest! teehee)

Timber said...

Ha, riiiiiiiight!

And right-o on the game.