Burfday girl turned 22 on Monday. TWENTY-TWO. What??! 
We celebrated by wandering around in circles. 
No one can say we don't know how to have fun!

My socks are in my pocket in that picture. 

A few things about corn mazes:

1) Don't drink a half gallon of tea before entering one. (Should I even mention that it's not the first time I've made this mistake?)

2) Don't wear slippy-slidey shoes to a muddy cornfield, even if they ARE cute.

3) They should really provide seating here and there for sock issues. 

4) Yes, I had a sock issue. Thus the socks in the pocket.

Mutant corn (creeepy):

Eight acres of corny fun! (and not a few Daddy-Long-Legs) 

Oh, and we gave Flutterbug a few gifts, too.

'Cause she's a good girl, she is!


Modemom said...

You guys sure do know how to have fun and we get to learn about neat stuff we'd never have the stamina to do! I've NEVER seen mutant corn in all my 75 years of seeing it grow in the various back yards in which I've lived. Thanks, dear. And a 22-year-old daughter? No way! Love ya...

Brenda Covert said...

I think that was corn fungus ...

I LOVE, no, I ADORE cornfield mazes! They get bigger and better every year! The one we went to last weekend had 2 mazes, lucky for me. We conquered the first one in a little under 20 minutes, which was good, because then I could trot to the porta-potty (though I hadn't drunk a half gallon of anything ... unlike you, LOL). The other maze took us 30 minutes as we kept having to backtrack. Good exercise, good fun. We daydreamed of growing our own maze out of sunflowers. Wouldn't that be fun? It just wouldn't last as long as a cornfield ...