Goose-Bumpity Brrrrrrr....

Cold weather is upon us. 
We're hunkering down, stacking wood, pulling out the poufy throw blankets, digging the cocoa from the back of the cupboard.

I still find it stinky.

The older I get, the less I relish chilliness. 
But I do find that shopping is a good antidote...for anything.
So, off to the Victory Home Thrift Store I headed.

And yippppeeee! Lots of good loot today:

Awesome throw pillow, shabby heart-shaped waste basket, cool chandelier candlestick holder, metal wall sconce thingy, lovely green-y dessert plates.  Mmmm...I feel warmer already.

Just to shake off the last bit of cold, I yanked ivy for a while. It's like the Little Shop O' Horrors around here. Don't ever plant ivy on purpose because it's pretty.

My feet are now pressed up to to the wood stove and I'm planning my next trip to the thrifty store. 

You gotta do whatcha gotta do!


Brenda Covert said...

Seriously? The older you get, the MORE you should relish the cold! It takes the edge of those hot flashes! Bwah hah hah hah hah hah!

(Honestly, though, why do you think I put my bedroom in my unheated basement? LOL)

Timber said...

Ha - speak for yourself...icy fingers, feet that won't warm up; that's my lot. Ugh. I have a heated mattress! (and Mike keeps his side unplugged; guess he's the one in our family with the hot flashes, haha)