Move aside, Oscar...I'm feeling Felixy.

It's a little scary how organized I'm becoming. 
Now don't judge me by my purse. 
Or my car.
But in many other ways, organization is just oozing out of me! And that's very unusual. It goes against my genes, my lifelong habits, my personality.
Yet, there it is.

It may have started with this project. I've been ever so organize-y since then.

Mike's plethora of vitamins: in cute, tiered, wire baskets, and a candleholder for the fat vitamin C. (Yeah, that's a crack in the wall...hundred-year old walls do that a lot.)

Mike's neckties: racks all over the wall (and still not enough for THAT many ties). The man has a tie problem. Therapy may be in order.

And this, now this looks like an ordinary book. But it has a little secret.

Voila! Little treasures all safely tucked away, and all in one place. Yes, treasures! I don't own any VALUABLE stuff, but they're all things that I think are special, things I love to look at, things that bring fond memories. 

Last night, I even laid out my clothes for church. Yep, I'm scary-tidy lately.

Let's hope it's not a phase. Like that banana-clip year. Some things weren't meant to last. I'd really like this to last. It sure is stress-reducing to have beds made, toilets scrubbed, cd's all in the same drawer, socks matched and vitamins at my fingertips. I can focus on the important stuff like I can read more, and play the piano more, and maybe even blog more. I can doze with the doggies now and then.
Yes, I can doze with the doggies. That sounds nice. Think I'll do it right now. And tomorrow, I may even tackle that car.


tuftsmel said...

Hey! Wonderful! Get on your space vehicle and come help me do the same!!

Brenda Covert said...

Well, now I need to head to my local thrift stores and see if I can find some cool two-tiered items to re-purpose!