Wrap It Up

My newfound organize-i-ness has spilled over into Christmas. Not that it makes much difference in the stress and CRAZINESS department. 
But baby steps, right?

Official gift-wrapping room, ta-da! 
(And yes, that IS a Shawn Spencer bobble head.)

Handy-dandy ribbon dispenser made with a pants hanger:

I found that leaning over the bed to wrap gives me a big ol' backache, so for the most part I use the dresser. But it looks like it works, so we'll pretend.

I feel so Martha-ish after organizing all the little tags and labels and bells and whistles (okay, no whistles, but there's a jingle bell or two in there):

 You'd think that all my presents would be wrapped 
since I'm so well-armed, but...yeah. 
Baby steps!


Paul and Vicki Young said...

I share your joy! I've got a gift wrapping room too, this year, for the first time in my life! It's our guest room, and we have our next guest coming the 26th, Lord willing, so that's perfect! I have several big items this year, so they're safely hidden from prying eyes. Now I don't do ribbon, so I'm impressed with yours and hope you'll include photos of ribboned boxes to inspire me, except I don't have a good source of ribbon like yours, so it ain't likely.

Modemom said...

Things like this should work in reverse--why can't mothers inherit some of our daughter's good genes (while you're in utero, of course.) Transfusion?