Vanity Post...'Cause That's What Blogs Are For, Right?

Boy, I do enjoy snazzing up the house for Christmas.

The three of us are pretty much the only ones to see it, since nobody drops in to visit each other nowadays. Kinda sad, really. I'd enjoy drop-in least on those days that I remember to rake up the dirty laundry.

We could rock and chat on the front porch (ignoring the domestic dispute occurring down the street, and the drunk staggering along the sidewalk)...

And then we could step inside and view the only houseplant I've managed to keep alive...ever.

We'd wander down the hall toward the kitchen...'cause eating and visiting go together, for sure.

And sit and chat a while...

...and maybe sing a ditty or two...

No, this is not a bacon wall-hanging (you know who you are)...

Towering table-top tree now decked out and still towering...

Ah...there's the yummy food; dig in!

And chat some more...

See little Flutterbug looking all cute at age 1? Little Miss Big-Eyes!

Time for a carol-sing!

Handy-dandy card thingy - it seemed like a good idea at the time, but since it's not made for this, the more cards I add, the more slip to the floor. Soooo...there are a few cards displayed on this, and a big stack on the table nearby.

Hardly anyone ever sees the upstairs, but we dazzle it up a bit anyway.

That's not a throw pillow on the bed...

Well, this one is.

This is the old mirror that fell on my head once. And now I don't remember 2008. It was HEAVY.

Remember this one, Mommy?

There's that non-throw-pillow again.

I did a Pinterest-y thing - stuck some white lights under the tree table and covered it with lacey stuff.

It ain't easy getting this place decorated.

And this sums up the one thing way, way more important than any old decorations:

This other stuff is just fluff; but we're thankful for it, and enjoy cozying up to the fire in the evening and admiring the twinkly lights and devouring nibbling Christmas cookies.

Oh, and do you like peering into other peoples' bathrooms as much as I do?
Have at it.

A little project I've been looking forward to - personalized pumps! 
(Walmart plastic bottles $4.95 and a Sharpie)

Ooh, I nearly forgot my Christmas Pin Tree!

Well, thank you for indulging me in my little tour of our humble abode. Next year, come in PERSON! I'll rake up the laundry, and you bring fudge, and we'll have a lovely time!

*Ugh, I've had fits with the formatting tonight...y'all will have to live with it - I give up!


Brenda Christmas said...

"Rake the laundry" - you're such a hoot! lol

I typically have trouble getting anyone to come over and see my many trees and decorations, so they are usually seen by me and my two adult children, but this year I planned for a party (3 actually, but only 1 happened), so I got to have people over to share my Christmas spirit. That made me get the house ready earlier than I normally do. I need to make that a yearly tradition!

Modemom said...

LOVE every inch!

Linnette said...

Thanks for the tour of your Christmas decorated home! You have a reala knack for using things for beauty and knowing just what to put together. Hope you had a special,

Timber said...

Brenda, tell me about the TWO trees I see in your pics - pretty neat! (the ones on either side of the fireplace).

Mom, thanks:)

Linnette, thank you and I hope your Christmas was lovely, too!

tuftsmel said...

What a wonderful tour. So many photos and all so well exposed and attractive. Wish you were close enough to drop in on and enjoy a visit in person!
I wish my camera could take decent indoor pictures like that. Great job
decorating as well as great job photographing. Some magazine ought to do a special feature on you!

Michelle said...

What a cozy house, and so tastefully decorated...and clean! Why can't I live closer? I'd love to sit on that porch and chat with you!