Firm Foundation

You know, I don't even remember seeing the inscription on this downtown wall when I took this picture - it was the trump doyle [this is for Mama] that caught my eye at the time!  

But I love it--the inscription, I mean.
(And the cat...)

When we have a firm foundation, with Jesus Christ as the cornerstone, 
we're in great shape to weather all kinds of buffeting winds and storms, 
rain, heat, lightning--you name it!

One year ago today, we had our very first service here:

Mike warned us all that there would be some buffeting for a while 
(change is always a bit of a rough ride) 
but we'd get through it because our foundation was strong.

And sure enough, we did, and we're rejoicing and praising God 
for his faithfulness and goodness to us!

Here's to another year of serving, loving, growing, and building. 
What adventures await? Can't wait to find out!


Paul and Vicki Young said...

I have been wondering why you quit blogging...bored? lazy? bitter? One wonders, and then I discover it's just my computer quit telling me! Is it bored? lazy? inept?
Whatever! I hope I remember those snowmen. That would work in South Africa!

Timber said...

Weeeeeelllll, there was a little of all that in there, plus a whole bunch of busyness!

The snowmen were a riot. They really enjoyed it. We dress the kids (and us) up a lot - so fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Melanie, for the hard work and dedication you've demonstrated during this past year. We are very blessed to have you and Mike -- and the rest of the folks from Geneva Park and Victory homes. I continue to be amazed at what God has been doing at Bethany Baptist Church.

I'm sorry I missed telling you all this yesterday: Happy anniversary! We love you.