Doggy Days

If you have a dog, you'll likely be verrrrry familiar with this product.

We were so thrilled to have our good friend Winn Freeman come from South Carolina to speak at our last Victory Home graduation. He spent a few days and spoke on Sunday. 

Spent Saturday evening at our house watching a movie and eating our veggies. Cucumbers, fresh beets, beans and squash casserole!  

I set my plate down for THIRTY SECONDS and - whoomp - the culprit in the middle of that picture ate my squash casserole, onions and all.

Yep, onions...toxic to dogs.

While Winn (to the left of Buddy) and Mike (to the right) enjoyed the movie; Buddy and I went to the kitchen, where I fed him some peroxide, and then we proceeded to the backyard where he threw up...and threw up...and threw up....

...and threw up...

We eventually came back in; Buddy curled up in the living room and I grabbed seconds, and Winn and Mike were still a-watchin' Sahara (which, by the way, I highly recommend!), oblivious to the action they were missing in their own backyard.

Yay for peroxide! (Buddy begs to differ...) 


Paul and Vicki Young said...

Onions are toxic to dogs? I had no idea! Berwick eats them all the time! She does have "runny tummy" sometimes, but I thought that was her milk allergy. I also was clueless on peroxide making anything barf. Such an educational post!

Timber said...

Onions (and garlic) don't cause an intestinal issue, but a blood issue ( so her runny tummy must be from something else, but if you stop feeding her the onions, she should be fine after a while from any damage done (phew!). Grapes and raisins are another problem, too, so watch out for them. There's a list at the end of the above article.

We've used peroxide a number of times over the years on our doggies - the first time for rat poison, and - blooop - up came the whole glob (another phew!). Bethany's 80 lb. dog is almost impervious to it, though; I think he broke a record at the vet for "most peroxide consumed without results", haha.That was after he ate an entire bottle of our other dog's prescription medicine that I'd just brought home from the vet. Two expensive visits in a day - good grief!

Paul and Vicki Young said...

zThanks! Happy Birthday!