I don't suppose I shall ever grow too old for fireworks!
Nineteen of us trekked to the riverside to enjoy them last night - every year our town has a June celebration called Harborfest and we don't have to wait until the 4th of July to get our fireworks fix.

The kids started the evening with a miniature game of croquet in our miniature front yard. 

Then we headed out the door on our merry way.
Nothing much compares with the pleasure of Christian fellowship!

It started a bit sci-fi-ish...did a planet explode?

TRIED to get a nice pic of some of the group.  We've had to open a second ladies' home this week and the hormones are exploding like fireworks - what an adventure! The lone male in these pics is Billy, now ELEVEN years old.  

Okay then!  In other news, I'll be photographing a wedding next week...


Brenda Christmas said...

This year I'm going to stay home and believe that I'll have just as good a seat for fireworks on my screened porch as standing in a parking lot. Our first of the season's fireworks surprised us last month when the nearby utility company celebrated 100 years. I thought a gun battle was starting in the street!

Anyway, I hate to miss fireworks, as a kid they were not so much fun as they are now. And yeah, that looks like an exploding planet!

Modemom said...

I remember taking you to your first 4th of July fireworks here in Greenville when you were barely 3 months old. I was sure you'd be screaming your head off, but you ended up sleeping through most of it! And you've been keeping your cool ever since.