Fun with a Hymnal - Yup, a Hymnal

I can tell I've grown up a lot...having fun with a hymnal used to mean tacking on "in the bathtub" to the ends of the titles. So childish.

Really, what kind of grown-up would find "We Gather the Bathtub" remotely funny...heheh...or "Make a Joyful the Bathtub", "Set My Soul Afire in the Bathtub"...snort... "There Is a Fountain in the Bathtub"...guffaw.... 

"What Child Is This in the Bathtub?"

"While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks in the Bathtub"


But I'm a grown-up now and find it much more entertaining to cut up a hymnal and pull out the glitter and the glue and MAKE STUFF.

What kind of stuff? How about letters!

 Trees! (sort of)

Flag thingies for the Christmas tree! (which we don't have yet)

And while we're at it, a tree TOPPER!

 I'm on a roll, baby (pun totally intended)!

I understand why my artist-painter brother-in-law prohibits all glitter in his home - that stuff gets EVERYWHERE.

Poor Mike, he'll be glittering for a month. People will be like, "Hey, Pastor, got something sparkly in your beard..."

It's fun to be a grown-up!

C'mon, say it with me...


modemom said...

I laughed the hardest when I said out loud upon seeing your last graphic, "We three kings are in the bathtub!"

Modemom said...

I think it was so funny to me because I didn't say it quite like a statement, but as if they were singing it about themselves with astonishment. HaeiostemHa

Modemom said...

Don't ask--those silly robots!

Timber said...

Ha - I've been chuckling over that one, too - that graphic worked out quite well and it tickles my funny bone just to look at it!

tuftsmel said...

Great blog! Did you REALLY do those bathtub words as a kid, or were you just concocting a fine story?

I especially liked the tree-topper "star", but the frosting on the cake was the bathtub at the end with the three kings in it. Chuckle, chuckle, snort, snort!

Timber said...

I certainly did, at good ol' True Memorial! I don't know who the instigator was....