A Question Regarding Elephant Toenails

Dad knows how to please this little girl - he arrived bearing blueberries and garden tomatoes.

I had a lovely visit with my mum and dad. The Number One Priority was a trip to the Victory Home Thrift Store, where Mum bought an armload of craft supplies, and Dad sat in the book area reading corny jokes to Flutterbug.

Why do elephants paint their toenails red?

I know it's something I've always wondered. As soon as I think of the answer, I'll let you know...

I hated to see them go, but my folks were just dropping in on their way to the most excellent state of New Hampshire, land of
blueberries, scallops, candlepin bowling and all the granite rocks you could possibly desire to see, climb on, or trip over.

I love having company, so any of you that have, oh, I don't know, a pint or two of berries and/or other home grown delicacies, come on over to coastal Virginia, and enjoy our new bathroom, our eclectic thrift store, and our strange and wonderful dog, and we'll have a good time!

Oh, and in case you're still wondering, elephants paint their toenails red so they can hide in the strawberry patch. Duh.

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