Saturday Stuff

I've never been so mad at a parade.

Well, I've never been mad at a parade before. But I was two streets away from my neighborhood this morning and could not find a way to get home. A Shriners parade was IN MY WAY. It took me over 30 minutes to figure out the one and only way to get to my house, which I could nearly see from my car. Grrrrr.

I felt like I was trapped in one of those mazes with a mouse at one end, a piece of cheese at the other, and lots of dead ends in between. Do the mice in those things shriek and moan and whine and pound their heads on their little steering wheels when they go through the maze?

I eventually made it home and met with a chimney expert, who gave us an estimate on installing our "new" parlor furnace. Turns out it doesn't burn WOOD! I'm so disappointed - it would look so good in our living room. Maybe we can turn it into a TV stand or something.

Tomorrow Mom & Dad come for a visit! So I've been cleaning stuff that I've never bothered to clean before, like tops of door frames, bottoms of closets, and Buddy's armpits. They'll surely never notice this stuff, but you know how it is (if you're a girl, anyway!).

Now I must head upstairs and run a duster over the six-foot high armoir. Just in case my dad or mom stand on a stool at the top of the stairs and almost get a glimpse of it.


BBC said...

That's so disappointing about the furnace! It's unusable? Maybe you can hide valuables in it... or a litter box (hehehe)

Are you kidding? You still clean when your mom's coming? I just leave my cleaning for my mom! She loves doing that stuff!

bwah hah hah hah hah j/k -- I do the big cleaning (floors, kitche, clutter) and feel proud of myself, but Mom comes in and feels sorry for me raising these kids all alone and starts looking for stuff to clean - like the tops of picture frames that I don't even think about. She also takes over all dish-washing and does any mending that's been piling up. Moms. Gotta love 'em!

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

How wonderful! My mom hasn't been to Virginia since Beth was very small (although I see her in SC every few months), and she's never been to this house. She wouldn't know where to begin in this cluttery house!

I like the litter box idea...

Modemom said...

bbc, I'm the opposite--I wait for Melanie to come to my house and feel sorry for me and do MY cleaning! (Just half kidding, but she does help me a lot in the kitchen.)

What a beautiful job she's done on their home. I am thoroughly enjoying my first visit here. (Melanie's Mom)