A Burning Issue

Remember this lovely old parlor furnace that we acquired a couple of months ago?

Remember my disappointment in finding out that it didn't burn wood?

Well, I had Victory Home pick it up today. Not literally, as it weighs approximately a kazillion pounds, but with a hand truck and some strong men.

While I was at the warehouse later, sorting books, one of the guys said, "You're looking for a wood-burning stove, aren't you? One came in today!"

I asked, "Are you sure it burns wood?" Didn't want to get hung on that detail again.

He assured me most confidently that it did. So I trotted out back and took a look at it.

It looked kind of like this:

"Whoa," I said, "This is MY furnace - the chimney expert that came to my house said it didn't burn wood."

"No line anywhere for oil or gas." Then they dumped out some of the ash in the bottom, and found NAILS, a good sign that wood was burned in it!

As a test, they started a fire in the furnace (it was in the back yard of the warehouse) and a beautiful plume of smoke began to waft out of the opening in the back.

So...as soon as I get my nerve up, I'll ask the men to cart that kazillion-pound thing back onto the truck for the third time.


modemom said...


turnkeymel said...

Hey, I told you it was a wood or coal furnace when I visited! Duh!
It's been awhile, and I forget fast, but isn't it missing part of a grate?
Anyway, it just goes to prove your chimney guy doesn't know much about
stoves! LOL!

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

You're right, Dad, I had forgotten! And yes, it is missing a grate. We may not get it up and running this winter, but we'll hang on to it for when we can. I'll get you some "comment instructions" as soon as I can, although you seem to be doing fine!

The Inept Aspirant said...

That is a riot!

BBC said...

LOL - it's a beautiful piece, I hope it turns out to be useful one of these days!