Lettuce Eat Lettuce

Rats-on-a-stick. It's going to be cold tonight.

So I ran outside and said a fond farewell to my flowers and plants,

and picked the last few leaves of lettuce,

and the last couple of peppers.

Buddy kept a close eye on the neighbors through the cracks.

The romaine lettuce went to seed, as if it had been neglected. I don't know why. I remember watering it once. I suppose I should have picked it or something.

Renee at church had a great idea regarding the banquet centerpieces. In addition to glossy magnolia leaves and chubby pine cones, she suggested that we use sprigs of sage (nice pale green),

and rosemary (nice texture).

So I brought my flower boxes inside, and she's going to cover hers. It'll make such a nice combination!

Salad tonight, and frost-bitten flowers tomorrow. That's November in Virginia!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I can't feel bad for you. Lettuce in November? We haven't seen that since August at least!

tuftsmel said...

I left a comment but it did not get
posted! How about a brief lesson in how to submit a comment? It's not clear at all in the directions below as to what to do and what can
be omitted.
Your photos of your pocket gardening are terrific!!! But the one that takes the cake is Buddy standing on hind legs behind a beautiful impatien plant trying to peer through the fence! I lifted that photo for use as a screen background! Couldn't enlarge to full size without distortion. But a smaller one will do for the time
being. Dad