Normal Is Overrated

Still no heat or electricity at the church or offices, so this morning we had a staff meeting at our house.

Buddy and a staffer's son stayed busy in the other room.

Flutterbug, who schedules Victory Home's many donation pickups, worked from home this afternoon. Got all camera-shy on me.

Mike's still hurting pretty badly from his fall last week, so he'll be seeing an orthopedic doctor in the morning.

We were happy to find out that Victory Home's insurance will cover the (potentially huge) legal fees to defend ourselves in a ridiculous lawsuit filed against us. God has provided us with a terrific team of lawyers, too!

We had to have a man arrested today who was in a leadership position at Victory Home. It was difficult to do, but necessary. He had been stealing for some time, and using, and it all came to light in the last few days.

Eventually things may begin to get back to "normal," whatever that is! But more likely, new craziness will appear - the stuff of a life of adventure!


BBC said...

Oh dear, not much to chuckle about today, huh. Mike's still suffering from the fall, but he ran the marathon! talk about perseverance! I hope the doc can make the boo-boos go bye-bye.

Sorry about the arrest. Calling the police is not fun, and I should know, I've called so much. I hope those days are behind me. But how depressing to have trusted someone who turned out to be stealing and using.

Will the power be back on any time soon?

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

BBC, thanks for your always-enjoyable comments; you're one of the few who regularly does it, and it always makes me so happy to see a new one!

I know you've had WAY more than your share of pain and suffering and yet you press on - I keep you in my prayers!

A friend of a friend offered to fix the electricity, I believe for free, and he has an "in" with the inspection dept. and said he'd twist arms to get them out as quickly as possible, so it may be today. I think the electrical part was finished yesterday. I'd just as soon have meetings and work here at home, but it's not quite as convenient for others as for me!

The Inept Aspirant said...

How Judas stealing from the money bag. Is that what the lawsuit is about or is that something different?

My word verification is beduckin. I kind of like it. It's what I'd do if someone was swinging a bat near me..I'd beduckin.